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Most banners are made from P.V.C, and are then hemmed and eyeletted. The most common way of producing artwork on to the banners is computer cut lettering, digital printing or silk screen.

Our banners can be made to any size and are all custom made to fit your

individual requirements.

banner printing croydonComputer Cut Lettering is best used when the art work is text and simple logo’s, or if the customer has some part of text that may need to be changed from time to time, like dates or times.
The draw back to vinyl lettering is it can crease after time and begin to look unsightly or the lettering can lift off.

Digital Printing is a direct print onto the P.V.C. this avoids unsightly creases and has the advantage of being able to create complex images such as photographic quality prints; this method is also very competitive with silk screen printing on small quantity orders.

Silk Screen Printing is a print onto the P.V.C. and is usually used for larger quantity orders.

There is a nationwide delivery, if required, available on this service.